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A Timeline of Psychoanalysis

No quiero que se me pase mencionar este texto de E Young-Bruehl et al., parece interesantísimo. No es posible conseguirlo a través de, por ahora, porque se ¡les ha acabado! El video clip es claro y cuenta los detalles específicos del texto. Para todos aquellos con interés en la historia de la psiquiatría y del psicoanálisis (revisionista o no).

A Timeline of Psychoanalysis: "

Elisabeth Young-Bruehl demonstrates ‘One Hundred Years of Psychoanalysis a Timeline: 1900-2000 from Caversham Productions on Vimeo.

A timeline of the history of psychoanalysis, One Hundred Years of Psychoanalysis, A Timeline: 1900-2000, has recently been written by Elisabeth Young-Bruehl and Christine Dunbar. The nearly seven footling timeline is graphically depicts the activities of the various schools of psychoanalysis across the twentieth century. In the above video, Young-Bruehl demonstrates the timeline and discusses its content. As Young-Bruehl describes on the publisher’s website,

We felt that a timeline of psychoanalysis should be Darwinian in the sense that it should show a descent from an original ancestor, Freud. It should show graphically the evolution of different groups and concerns out of an original powerful impulse and vision. But it should not accept the assumption common among analysts that the early, pre-WWI, schismatic history of psychoanalysis produced groups -Adlerians, Rankians, Jungians-that simply had no place in the later history of psychoanalysis or stopped evolving or became extinct after they split from Freud. However, we did not want to imply that the sub-speciation of psychoanalysis was a “survival of the fittest” phenomenon… So we organized our story on what might be called Plutarchian principles, showing “parallel lives” or life forms of psychoanalysis.


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